Our Team

First and foremost, we are divers and performers second. We created this incredible company because we love to dive and we love inspiring all the little guppies to become fellow ocean guardians.

WW Mermaids was founded by Caroline Kauffman. She combined her love of performance art with her passion for ocean conservation and WW Mermaids was born!

In water or on dry land, we’re committed to inspiring imagination, care for the sea, and providing an interactive underwater performance. We represent the connection of humans to the sea and are committed to deliver a realistic, memorable mermaid experience for all ages.

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caroline kauffman

WW Mermaids Owner Caroline Kauffman

Beri Headshot

Dive Safe Pro Owner Beri is both a SCUBA and Free Dive Instructor and also a Mermaid!

Dive Safety Officer
Alanna Erickson
Contact Email: wwdivesafety@gmail.com