WW Mermaids was founded by Caroline Kauffman. She combined her love of performance art with her passion for ocean conservation and WW Mermaids was born!

In water or on dry land, we’re commited to inspiring imagination, care for the sea, and providing an interactive underwater performance. We represent the connection of humans to the sea and are committed to deliver a realistic, memorable mermaid experience for all ages.

We are experienced and confident in open ocean environments, as well as Aquariums, and love to swim with sharks too! Inspiring more than just imagination; ocean conservation and education, are close to our hearts and we incorporate educational information into each magical visit. We love to visit schools and summer camps to talk about the importance of keeping our oceans, lakes and rivers clean and free of plastic. Marine animal conservation is extremely important to us, especially protecting whales, dolphins, and all marine life. We are the only mermaids in the world to swim in silicone tails on specialized air hoses.

Our mermaids travel world-wide for corporate events, aquarium events/swims, hotel openings, photo shoots, film shoots, poolside parties, fundraisers and more.

Our Mermaids can be seen each year at the Newport Aquarium, Adventure Aquarium, and OdySea Aquarium.