The Wands and Wishes Mermaids are Colorado’s only swimming, real life mermaids available for private parties and events. They are available for hire world-wide and are fully insured independent contractors. All mermaids are Free-Dive certified and some are also Scuba Certified. They are the world’s top aquatic performers and have extensive experience performing in different environments. Like all our costuming, we only use the highest quality materials and are known around the country for producing the most authentic characters. Our mermaid tails are made with professional aquatic, skin safe, silicone, custom created exclusively for the WW Mermaids.

Please fill out the reservation form on our website to reserve a date and time. Our Fairy Godmother will then send you a confirmation email with the details of your reservation and links to pay your $50 deposit. The full payment is due by credit card the week of your event. You will have a link in your confirmation email to pay in full. If you are interested in hiring a mermaid for a special event please email

Our Mermaids are professional actresses, and aquatic performers. They can accept gratuity, and appreciate hearing what you thought of their performance. Please hand this to the assistant before they leave.

If you have more than 15 children in the water we require the booking of a second mermaid. This is for our Mermaids safety and the safety of children in the water.

Our mermaids can perform at:
local pools, rec centers, private homes, hotel pools, neighborhood pools, special events, renaissance fairs, open ocean shoots,
movies, TV and film, pool parties, promotional events & premiers, corporate & VIP events, trade shows, yacht and sailboat events, beach parties, kid’s camp events, aquarium swims, resorts, on-land performances, photo booth at parties, free diving work, 
school educational talks, weddings/receptions, fundraisers & charities.

It is the client’s responsibility to reserve the facility or pool. Please inform the facility in advance of the mermaid’s attendance. We can provide a COI if needed. For information on pools in Denver click here.

Our Mermaid’s tails can be large. Please allow for enough room for her to fit in the pool with party guests and swim safely.

Our Mermaids all have special Mer- assistants, and always have a safety diver with them for deeper water events. We prefer she arrives in the pool before guests and be ready and swimming to greet them. If your event is in your home, please be sure children are in another area until the mermaids are ready. She can also arrive after guests are in the water. If this is the case, please provide a dressing area for her to change before and after her visit. Her assistant will be sure to help her.

Some children may insist on proving our mermaids are not real. We ask for your help, by informing parents ahead of time to talk to older children about using their imagination. We strive to keep the magic alive for younger guests and the birthday child. It can be a major disappointment if adult guests ask about our tail, experience, real names, etc in the presence of believing children. Our actresses are ready for tough questions, but in order to keep the experience fun and playful for everyone, parent’s must be informed ahead of time. If a child becomes fixated on heckling, and is distracting our staff from entertaining, we will ask that you intervene. If intentional harm is brought upon a mermaid or staff, after requests for assistance have been made, or damages occur you may be liable for compensation.

Our Mermaids and staff will not tolerate any sexual harassment by any guest young or old, and reserve the right to stop all entertainment and leave the facility should this occur.

Our mermaids are accustomed to handling many behaviors. However, should a guest harm or be destructive in any way (pulling tail, spitting, hitting, splashing, jumping on, etc..) We ask for your assistance to help redirect or discipline the child. If the behavior continues, our staff has the right to remove the child from the situation for the safety of the mermaid and other children. Our staff may enlist the help of lifeguards or other parents. We ask that you encourage all guests to show respect to our mermaids and staff.

Like all our professional entertainers, we require they are treated with respect at all times. We find the best way to enforce this is to be present and observant at all times. Failure to follow our guidelines may result in our staff prematurely departing the event before their scheduled time and clients being charged the full amount plus damages.