We have perfected the Mermaid Event for Aquariums and would love to bring the magic to your Aquarium! We swim at some of the top aquariums in the US and employ the most talented underwater performers in the world.

A swimming mermaid event for an Aquarium is one of the best ways you can increase attendance, create a memorable event for members, and directly connect your conservation message with children.

Every Aquarium is different, and we customize our visit based on your needs, budget, and guest flow. We coordinate with husbandry and your dive team to create a safe, successful swim. Starting with PR and advertising consulting, we work with you to make sure guest satisfaction and attendance numbers meet your expectations.

We invite you to explore the videos and photos of our performers. We welcome questions and inquiries, so please contact us for a detailed, customized quote.

While swapping out the mermaids in theater today, there was one really excited young boy in line to meet Caretta. While he was waiting, he kept telling Cody S. that he was a big kid now and was rambling on about the mermaids and sharks. When Caretta came out on her cart the boy was in awe and quickly jumped onto the couch to tell her about being a big kid. He made Cody’s day!

Today we went to the aquarium to see the mermaids. My daughter is obsessed with mermaids. This year they had so many more mermaids than in the past. We were really surprised. By far the best Newport Aquarium experience to date!

My granddaughters absolutely loved the mermaids! Those ladies were fabulous.