Mermaid Swim Lessons

Ever wanted to swim like a mermaid? Now’s your chance! Wands and Wishes has partnered with Safe Splash Park Hill to provide mermaid swim lessons.

The package of four lessons will take place Sundays, from 1:30-4:30 at the Park Hill location.

We have created four separate half-hour long packages to meet each swimmer’s individual skill level. Those specific “pods” as we like to call them are as follows:

Seahorses (Beginner level, capacity: 4 people)

Swimmers will learn the basics of how to swim and play in a mermaid tail.

Dolphins (Medium level, capacity: 4 people )

Swimmers will begin to advance their skills by learning more challenging mermaid abilities.

Mermaidens (Advanced level, capacity: 4 people)

Swimmers will be able to hone their skills to the point of one of our professional mermaid.

Mersisters (Adults only, capacity: 4 people)

This class is solely for adults who want to feel confident, comfortable and fit (as this will be an amazing work out) while swimming in a mystical mermaid tail.

This is a continuation program and your little one won’t learn everything in just one session. Sometimes it may take a couple sessions to pass a level. But we encourage everyone to keep practicing and learning!

Please note: this is a new program and we are unsure of the demand for each class. We will do our best to shuffle attendees into their preferred time slots and give everyone a chance to participate. We will contact you to confirm your specific class time. 

Get your kids ready with swim lessons at our partner Safe Splash Park Hill! Click here to learn more.