Mermaid Adelaide is a curious, loving, and playful mermaid from the warm waters off the coast of Australia. She is known to be found exploring and cleaning underwater caves and shipwrecks. Adelaide has spent a lot of time traveling oceans around the world to keep them clean from the human mess. In her free time she loves to sing above the surface or swim through the East Australian current next to her turtle friends. Adelaide is also a shark advocate and reminds her friends, both human and merfolk, that sharks can be top predators, but they deserve respect and kindness just like any other marine life. In fact her favorite activity is adventuring with her best friend Finn the whale shark. Adelaide does her part in protecting her shark family by getting a little mischievous and playing tricks on the fishermen off the coasts.

Reminder: “The ocean takes care of us. Let’s return the favor.”


  • SSI Open Water SCUBA Certified
  • 2018 OdySea AQ, Sea LIFE MOA
  • SSI Rescue Diver