Calliope is an adventurous mermaid who often finds herself in the sparkling waters of the Caribbean. She once crossed paths with a pirate captain known by the name of Captain Jack. Unlike other mermaids the Pirate Captain had met, she was kind, yet completely enthralled by the stories he had told her about his escapades across the sea. Calliope’s sense of adventure lead her to guide the Black Pearl on hunts for treasure with her fellow pirates, therefore earning her very own pirate brand and dubbed as an official Pirate Mermaid and a friend of Jack’s crew. When Calliope is not swimming the Caribbean searching for treasure and new places, she loves swimming to see fellow mermaids at their birthday parties!


  • SSI Open Water Certified
  • SSI Free Dive Level 1 Certified
  • SSI Rescue Diver
  • 2017 Newport AQ
  • 2018 Newport AQ, Adventure Aquarium