Esmeralda is a courageous and gracious mermaid from the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Colombia. Her name comes from the emerald gemstone which Colombia produces the finest of. Esmeralda bravely fights to protect the Reefs which support extraordinary biodiversity and are home to many different sea creatures. With the help of her Green Moray Eel, Elle, she educates humans on the importance of Reefs and asks that everyone does their part by not disposing unwanted items near the sea, beaches, or storm drains.

Esmeralda would like to remind us to always be mindful of what goes down your sink and drains to the sea. Be sure it is not harsh chemicals that harm her reef friends!


  • 2017 Newport AQ, Adventure AQ, OdySea AQ
  • 2018 Atlantis Bahamas, Sea LIFE MOA, Newport AQ
  • 2019 Sea LIFE Orlando
  • SSI Rescue Diver