Mermaid KeeKee is kind, playful, and loves to explore caves and shipwrecks. She also loves to sing! Sea turtles come from all parts of the ocean to listen to her sing in her native Spanish tongue.  She’s from the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean where she’s made her home near the Islas Tres Marías. She thrives with the healthy coral, mangrove forests, and marine life surrounding the area.  Mermaid Keely loves that the location’s water has little pollution. However, when she visits her mermaid friends in the Gulf of California, she notices lots of plastic floating in the once beautiful water. By not using single use plastic, we can help keep the ocean clean and restore its beauty.  She LOVES going to fiestas and always makes sure she uses natural and biodegradable decorations. When having a fiesta of your own, try to go without balloons. They always end up in the ocean and Mermaid Keely sees her fish friends get stuck in them.

¡Protege nuestros océanos! ¡Vive una vida feliz!

Ella habla español.

Reminder: Be the voice for our fish friends, by making their home and ours a better and cleaner place to live.

Favorite Animal: Sea Turtles


  • PADI Freedive,
  • PADI AOW + Rescue Diver
mermaid keekee