Mermaid Lelu loves her home waters in tropical Micronesia. There are lots of islands and reef to play around and even more sea friends visiting her on their migrations around the world. Lelu recently joined some of her mermaid friends on a journey around the globe. Her first exploration away from the familiar waters of her home, was the Atlantic ocean. She encountered many adventures along the way, but she had to be very brave to travel so far. She met Girls and boys, sharks and catfish, so many interesting creatures to talk to. She noticed how unique we all are and loves to hear about each of our special talents. Be sure to tell her what makes you special and talented too!

Reminder: Be brave and always stay true to who you are

Favorite sea animal: Octopus


  • 2018 Newport AQ Adventure AQ
  • 2019 Sea LIFE ARIZONA
  • PADI Rescue Diver
  • Free Dive Level 2