The tropical waters of the Caribbean Sea are where we can usually find Mermaid LilyRose. She loves exploring the many bays and gulfs along the continental coastline, as well as visiting the many islands that form the outer rim of her home. LilyRose spends her free time with the many fish and corals that make up the diverse ecosystem of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second largest barrier reef in the world! When she is not swimming around the reef with her dolphin friends, she can be found studying the depths of the Cayman Trough with help from the eyeless shrimp that easily navigate this deep ridge. People from all around the world come to visit the Caribbean region, so LilyRose works hard to share the knowledge she has learned from her marine friends with these visitors. She knows that it is important for everyone—mermaid and human—to work together to protect our oceans and seas.

Reminder: Always choose to reuse! Remember to bring your reusable bags with you to the grocery store. If you accidentally forget, instead of using single-use plastic bags, you can place your groceries right back into your cart (without a bag) and then take the cart to your car to unload your groceries!

Favorite Animal: Striped Dolphin

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