Mermaid Lumi journeys down from the Arctic Circle. You can find her swimming between the Icelandic waters to the fjords of Norway where she spends most of her time playing with her friends: seals, salmon, minke whales, and jellyfish. Lumi is very passionate about her home and all who inhabit it. She makes sure those who live, visit, and fish in the Fjords and Arctic keep its ecosystems happy and healthy. Lumi loves to visit aquariums to share her love for protecting the sea, meet more humans, and swim with new species of fishes and sharks!

Reminder: Everything in life from land to sea is connected. Our actions can have an impact that stretches for miles. We all must do our part to keep our planet a safe and healthy home for all.

Favorite Animal: Harbour Seal


  • SSI Rescue Diver
  • Former Synchronized Swimmer placing 8th in the World
mermaid lumi