Mermaid Lyra was named after the constellation Lyra, which is in the form of a magical harp, It’s music calms the seas, brings peace, and heals all living beings. Lyra has traveled throughout the world healing the seas!

She swims with the wild orca pods, and is best friends with sharks! She has asked all humans to help her heal the seas by thinking about what is consumed and where garbage goes after it’s thrown away.

Reminder: Sharks are very curious and don’t let their sharp teeth scare you. They are actually afraid of Mermaids! They need our help to survive.

Favorite animal:  Sharks


  • SSI Advanced Open Water
  • SSI Free Dive Level 1
  • 2016 Aventure AQ
  • SSI Free Dive Level 2 Instructor
  • SSI Rescue Diver