Mermaid Maren is creative, loves a challenge and always follows her dreams. She is known for being the protector of all Coral Reefs. She is from the Great Barrier Reef near Australia. She loves to plan parties for little mermaids in her beautiful grotto under the sea. Her favorite thing to do is swim with her wild dolphin friends. Caring for reefs, she often spends time searching for harmful plastics and items from the human world that harm her ocean friends. She enjoys meeting humans and sharing the importance of reusable items instead of one-time-use plastics that end up in her underwater world.


  • SSI Free Dive Level 2
  • SSI Dive Master
  • SSI Rescue Diver
  • Dive Safe Pro Safety Diver
  • 2018 OdySea AQ, Newport AQ, Adventure AQ, Atlantis Bahamas AQ, Sea LIFE MOA
  • 2019 Sea LIFE ARIZONA Sea LIFE Kansas City, Sea LIFE Orlando, Sea LIFE Dallas, Sea LIFE Michigan
  • Deepest free dive: 72 feet