Mermaid Marisko is a curious and playful mermaid who comes from the deep, brisk waters of the Sognefjord (“song-ne-fyord”) in Norway. She spends her days exploring the many different underwater valleys that were carved by ancient glaciers millions of years ago. Her favorite time of year is Spring when the snow melts and the rain falls. The waters of the fjords then become brackish, a mixture of saltwater and freshwater. Her home waters also change colors throughout the year and Marisko is drawn to the most brilliant blue waters that surround her underwater glacial playgrounds. When Marisko isn’t exploring the Sognefjord or visiting her friends in the North and Norwegian Seas, she enjoys playing in the nearby waterfalls and basking in the sun to warm up. Many people visit the Sognefjord, so Marisko has many opportunities to make new friends and share with them the importance of protecting these beautiful waters. She loves to sing songs, collect treasures, and share stories of folklore from her home with all the humans she meets!

Reminder: We are extremely lucky to live on such a beautiful and diverse planet. It is important to always remember to help keep Mother Earth healthy and safe to the best of our ability. That way, generation after generation can enjoy the wonders of the world as much as we do!

Favorite animal: Spotted Stingray


  • SSI Rescue Diver
  • SSi Level 1 Free Diver
  • Dive Safe Pro Safety Diver
mermaid marisko