Melody is a friendly, lively and energetic mermaid who comes from the cool clear waters of the Aegean Sea. This sea, is where her family has lived for thousands of years and where every mermaid is believed to be from. She loves learning new things, exploring with friends and sharing stories with fellow mermaids and sailors who cross her path. She believes that by sharing her song with others, she can inspire them to do their part in caring for the oceans and all those who call it home!

Favorite animal: Puffer fish

Ocean Reminder: Even the smallest act of caring for our oceans is like a single drop of water, it will ripple outwards and effect the entire world.


  • 2017 Newport AQ, Adventure AQ, OdySea AQ
  • 2018 Sea LIFE MOA, Atlantis Bahamas, Newport AQ, Adventure AQ