Mermaid Nebula was born on the most calm night, in the middle of the pacific ocean where the universe reflects on the waters surface. The stars and their reflection was the first thing she saw. She devotes her time to exploring the oceans, and helping animals in need. She used to collect seashells and place them on beaches for humans to find. Now she collects plastic, to keep her friends safe, she show it to humans in hopes they will find it and dispose of it properly. Nebula studies her ocean friends and wants to know how everyone fits in their environment. Her best friend is a California Sea Lion named Hubble after the telescope humans sent to space to take photos of the beautiful universe we live in.

Ocean Reminder: Humans have explored space more than the ocean, perhaps its time they direct their efforts to understanding and caring for their blue planet before considering more trips the stars.

Favorite animal: Nudibranchs