Mermaid Nizhoni, the Navajo Mermaid, is a playful and friendly  mermaid who makes her home in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Málaga, Spain. She loves swimming and singing with all the different types of whales in the Mediterranean, especially the Rorqual whales; they have the most beautiful voices. When swimming in the Whale Way, during migration every year, the whales they tell her how much plastic and chemicals are in their waters. She is asking for humans to help by reducing plastic use, recycling, and considering the products they wash down the drain. We all want a clean and healthy ocean to live and swim in, after all the earth is covered in over 71% of water.

Favorite animal: Whale Shark

Ocean reminder: even though we are small individuals in the ecosystem, we can play a big part. no act of reducing, recycling or reusing is too small!


  • PADI Freediver
  • PADI AOW + Rescue Diver
mermaid nizhoni