Mermaid Odessa is a biologist by day and a voyager by night. She swims from reef to reef observing the changes in the ocean and taking samples of coral that she can look at under her microscope. She has traveled across the seas for years trying to learn more about all of the different environments in our oceans, but is originally from the mysterious waters of the Black Sea. Growing up, she used to explore the depths of her home for ancient shipwrecks with her best friend, Luna, the anglerfish, whom she loved to swim with through deep and dark waters because of her glow!

Reminder: One of the best ways to help our oceans is by teaching others about the sea, it’s beauty, and why it is important that it remains vibrant and full of life. Mermaids, fish, and humans alike, depend on all of the ocean’s ecosystems to survive.

Favorite animal: Anglerfish


  • PADI Advanced Open Water Certified
  • SSI Rescue Diver
  • 2018 Adventure AQ, OdySea AQ
  • 2019 Maui Photo shoot Sea LIFE ARIZONA