Rio calls the vast and unique Amazon River her home! The largest river in the world, it is also home to other animals you would typically find in the ocean, including dolphins, manatees, and even a coral reef! She has a can-do attitude, swims with strength and is very resourceful. All water leads to the ocean, and just like the ocean, this water and the creatures who live in it face many challenges from human impact. Rio is the guardian of all river creatures, and wants to teach you how you can help them!

Reminder: Everything that you do impacts the earth, so try to make it a positive impact!

Favorite animal: Arapaima


  • SSI Level 2 Free Diver
  • SSI SCUBA Instructor
  • Dive Safe Pro Safety Diver
  • 2017 Newport AQ, OdySea AQ
  • 2018 Sea LIFE MOA, Newport AQ, Adventure AQ
  • 2019 Maui Photo shoot, Sea LIFE ARIZONA Safety Diver
  • PADI Assistant Instructor