Mermaid River grew up along the ancient coastline of Scotland in the North Atlantic Sea. She is fascinated with telling stories and going on amazing adventure to help protect the Oceans and all the creatures in it. With a strong will, and adventurous spirit, she’s ready for anything! She is fluent in Whale, Dolphin and Shrimp.

Reminder: There are always ways to help protect the Ocean. Even if you help once a day you can start a chain reaction that will make all the sea animals smile.

Favorite animal: Sea Lion


  • SSI Level 1 Free Diver
  • Dive Safe Pro Safety Diver
  • 2017 Newport AQ, OdySea AQ
  • 2018 Atlantis Bahamas Sea LIFE MOA, Newport AQ, Adventure AQ,
  • 2019 Sea LIFE ARIZONA, Sea LIFE Kansas City, Sea LIFE Orlando, Sea LIFE Dallas, Sea LIFE Michigan
  • PADI Assistant Instructor