Meet-n-Greet and VIP Experience

Not only can guests view underwater mermaids, but they also can meet and talk to one on dry-land during our Meet-n-Greet! Making dreams come true one little guppy at a time! Meeting a mermaid is so special for many children and our experience involves beautiful costuming and sometimes even singing! Our ocean conservation messaging is perfect for this interaction. We are able to share important and accurate information about plastics, and other harmful things that end up in our oceans.

Sharks and Rays are wonderful creatures and we love diving them. We also care about sharing accurate information with our guests and are working with AZA SAFE Shark and Ray to make sure accurate information is being spread.

We’ve found kids actually listen to mermaids! We’ve incorporated action steps even the youngest guest can partake in.

VIP Experience

Many of our tours include a VIP Experience for families. This is a wonderful addition for guests and members. We assist in the planning process of this portion of the tour.

meet n greet sign
mermaid on chair

Mermaid Summer